Feels like I haven´t written anything for ages! This post is going to be a bit different. Yep, I try out writing in English. My written language is getting terribly rusty, but I guess that practice makes perfect.


After a short trip to Malaga we headed to Tarifa, a small paradise only two hours bus ride away from Malaga. We didn’t go there for just stay at the beach (although that was on our list as well). We have friends who just moved there from Torino, Italy. They have a 7-years old child, who is also very dear to us and definitely one of the most awesome children on earth. The family is just settling in and were kind enough to spend some time with us and show us their new home. Amazing thing to have friends around the world, always so happy to meet again, but a bit sad to say another goodby.

On a late evening when we arrived, we only met the father of the family. We had a nice walk and some drinks in a wonderfully warm evening. We didn´t see the sea yet, but felt the breeze. We stayed at a very nice hostel, in a private room that was arranged by the friend of our friends, lucky us.


Next day we  had a walk by the sea, fun to think that Africa is just couple of kilometers further. You can see another continent on the horizon. We took a tour in the castle and had a nice lunch among the family after we picked up our little friend from school.

Lomogram_2014-10-17_11-15-15-PM Lomogram_2014-10-17_11-14-20-PM

Unfortunately we were not so lucky with the weather. Our plan was to have a relaxing time at the beach, but we were followed by the rain. Instead we got a real beaches tour, staying couple of minutes in one beach and then going to the car and continuing driving when it started raining. Well, at least I avoided having a sunburn.


Tarifa is windsurfing heaven and perfect vacation place. I wish we could have spent more time then, but we will go back, take a windsurfing course and and taking a boat trip to Africa.




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