Day trip: Castelnuovo Don Bosco and wine tasting

On one sunny day we decided to take a little day trip and drive outside of the city. As my bofriends father is leaving close to Alba, a place famous for white truffle, we were hoping to taste time. Of course it came out very soon, that we know nothing about truffle and the season is not started yet. Instead, we decided to drive around a bit and visit Castelnuovo Don Bosco. Don Bosco was a very popular priest, famous for loving children. Castelnuovo Don Bosco seemed to be still very popular among Sunday schools, as there were very many children running around.

I must say that I don´t care much about visiting different churches, they all seem too similar to each other to me, but it was more interesting to visit the museum buildings that shoved how was Don Boscos life and show the country life of old days.

 WP_000599 WP_000598 WP_000594WP_000593

The second part of our trip was to visit the local wine factory shop. I´m still not quite used to all the wine culture, but I slowly try to learn more about that. They said that this year was not the best for wine as the weather was too warm and grapes grew too sweet, but it still tasted very good to me! The whole experience was very interesting, trying different wines, picking the ones you´d like to take home with you and having a tour around. I think my favorite part was those big machines (or how ever you call them), where you could fill your bottles yourself and the price of course: a good quality wine with 1 euro and there is of course the possibility to buy it in 10-liters bottles. Of course we didn´t need that much, but we still got a bottle for birthday celebrations with my family at home and they loved it too.


WP_000602   WP_000600

We also visited a small town Chieri where we had an italian style coffe (my pore heart that is not used with any kind of coffee). Who wouldn´t love those Italian small cities. If you´re ever in Torino, I would definitely advise to take the time and go a bit further, there are many places wort to discover nearby. I sure hope I can see more of this area one day.


My sweeties

I seriously can´t understand how people take those cute photos of rats cuddling with tiny teddy bears or simply just sitting still. Because mine are the worst models ever, although they are absolutely adorable. Any suggestions how we could make cute pictures? No, drugs is not an option.

Usually, the best I can get of them is something like that


Here´s a bit better one, but it shows a problem that we have when trying to make a decant picture: if they see me, they run to me just so they could use me for climbing.


I do miss them when I am not at home, although I know they are in good hands.

Something about Torino

Torino is still a bit mystery for me. It was the second time I was there and I know for sure that not the last. Torino is my boyfriends hometown, so life brings us there every now and then. I am happy that he has made a long journey and is now here with me. I know he is too and he really loves Estonia. But I also value where he´s from and try to get to know that other word. I wish I could write a very informative tourist post about Torino, but I don´t know it that way. But there are still bits and pieces that I like and want to share.

Parco del Valentino is my favorite place in Torino, it is so relaxing to take a time off and take a long walk there along Po river and visit the medieval castle.

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Another beautiful place we visited was Superga. Such a nice place for another walk and the view is amazing on a clear weather. On 1949 happened a tragedy on the very same place when a plane with the whole football team crashed. There is still a memorial to the victims.

We also visited the basilica and sat on it´s roof taking the sun and enjoying the view.

WP_000563 WP_000575

I wish it would be such a warm weather now! It is getting colder here and I the next time we visit Torino will be a lot colder too.