Traveling with hand luggage only- my bag of liquids

Traveling with hand luggage only has never been a problem for me. In the beginning it was a bit tricky to select what skin care products to take and what to leave, but I have created a routine for myself by now. I focus on keeping it simple and practical. Important is also to take the things well-known and used before, traveling is not a good time to try new skin products for me.

So here is my bag I took with me to the week-long trip in Japan:



Most essential for me is my cream with calendula. I use it daily at home, at least twice a day and my skin loves it. It is natural and a product from local company called green nature. While traveling I also use it as a body lotion after the shower.

For my hair I took a small bottle of shampoo as hotel ones are not always so good. It´s the same as I currently use at home.

I didn´t take a conditioner, but I replace it with castor oil. It is multifunctional, good for hair, but also for little cuts. Fun fact is that my boyfriend has used it also for shaving his face.

As I wear lenses, a small bottle of liquid and a container are things I would never want to forget to bring.

Make up is not so important for me, it´s not difficult to be without using make up for a week. One thing I still took with me just in case is L´oreal CC cream. I normally don´t have much problems with skin, but one never knows when the skin decides to act up because of weather or diet changes and long trips. CC cream helps me out there.

I guess I don´t have to explain deodorant and toothpaste.

Last thing I took with is a bottle of hugo boss ma vie. I love the scent. A small dose of perfume simply makes me feel good.

I think it is very simple bag, yet I didn´t feel a need on anything else during the trip.


4 thoughts on “Traveling with hand luggage only- my bag of liquids

    • Thank you! I must say that I really like packing. It´s so much fun! But I am terrible at unpacking, I came home from my last trip a week ago and my suitcase is still laying in the middle of the room, I just take the things I need from there! 😀 So it´s all balanced.

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