Tokyo Part1- eartquake and Sensoji temple

I can`t believe that just a week ago I was in Japan! It has been extremely busy times ever since, but I am so thankful for the experiences that I had in Japan, it was a trip of a lifetime. It might have been a bit stressful, but full of wonderful places, amazing food and overall great time. It was also a great time with family as my boyfriend´s parents joined us from Italy.

Speaking of experiences, the day we arrived in Tokyo, we were welcomed by an earthquake. When we arrived to our hostel, I felt immediately that something was different with the ground. When I mentioned that to my boyfriend he simply said, that it must be tiredness. I didn´t argue, although I felt the weird shaking the whole day, sometimes stronger, sometimes a bit less. In my mind, I just assumed that this is Japan, I guess that the ground is different here. But as it turned out, on the very same day 14 people got injured by the earthquake in other parts of Japan, according to hostel staff the it was strong that day. So that was my first time experiencing earthquake. Totally different of what I would have thought it feels like.


On our first day we visited Sensoji temple. There are so many temples to visit in Japan, but the first time seeing one is always a bit special. We also tried out our luck with fortune telling. Turned out that out of all four of us, I am the only one with luck, the others shouldn´t even step out from home, I on the other hand have luck in every aspect of life. Well I definitely feel like a lucky girl!

The strongest first expression in my memory is how great the food tasted. Simple things, nothing fancy, but tastes are so clear and strong. We ate traditional food every day and tried so many new things, simply loved all our meals. Too bad I didn´t do many food pictures, but I´m always too hungry for that.


I have heard a lot of stories that it is complicated in Japan and how people don´t speak English and you don´ t understand anything. I don´t find it to be true at all. During the whole trip we asked the way and advice many times. Even if people don´t know English, they will find the way to help you. For example, they even have mobile apps for translating. Of course, politeness is important part of Japanese culture. Of course, as a quest in the country, one should try to answer with the same kindness.


6 thoughts on “Tokyo Part1- eartquake and Sensoji temple

  1. I’m so glad to hear you found traveling in Japan to be easy! I am headed there in about a month and I wasn’t super worried but I had heard some similar stories.

  2. Japan was the one place I have visited in my life that completely changed my expectations and preconceived notions about what a place is like! We went to Japan because it was a free stop on a trip back home to the USA from Singapore and I had expected it to be exactly like my friends who were obsessed with Anime made it out to be – cutesy, crazy, and a big booming metropolis, a crowded island with no respite.

    And what I found there was total tranquility, order, and a sense of peace and legacy. I was completely surprised! It informed my personal style in a huge way (Shopping in Japan will do that to you…) and I’ve held onto some of the things that I’ve learned there for a long time, particularly when it came to aesthetics and the value of craftsmanship!

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit to Japan!

    • Thank you, Elisabeth! I couldn´t have said it better. I also expected something totally different of Japan. Unfortunately, I didn´t shop in Japan at all (souvenirs doesn´t really count), such a shame. But still loved the style.
      The order and cleanliness really hit me. On one hand it is a great example how a society can be, on the other hand, it did feel a bit too automatic and unnatural to me. But I definitely have huge respect for their culture and way of living.

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