Share Your Word tag

I took the chance to participate in Share Your Word tag. What a great idea!


What is your favorite toppings on pizza?

I have not yet found the one and only for me, I usually choose seafood or vegetarian, but I love everything with sun dried tomatoes.

I want to learn more about …

I will learn Italian language, I really want to learn how to speak that language. And I want to learn how to drive the car, I am taking the lessons and really enjoy it.

What are three places you’ve enjoyed visiting?

I left a part of my heart in Brazil. Would go back in Ilha Grande anytime


I had really great time in Malta


It is hard to choose so few out of travel destinations, so lastly I show a place closer to me. I am really happy every summer when I get the chance to visit my country home. Everything there is built by my grandfather and I simply love that place. It is a perfect time-off.


Do you prefer eating the frosting of the cake or the cupcake first?

I eat both at the same time.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week was extremely stressful for me. But in the end I am really proud of myself that I took huge step forward with my thesis and the finish is getting closer. I am so very thankful for my boyfriend that he has been there for me through it all. For the next week I look forward for the first Christmas party, will dress myself up and relax a bit.


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