I can´t believe I haven´t been here for a year already, where does the time fly? It´s complicated to start over, but I felt I want to say hi again.

This past year has been a roller coaster, in the best possible meaning. I´ve grown a lot and had amazing time with great people. Unfortunately I haven´t been focused on traveling so much and that´s the main reason I haven´t been here as I felt that everything else is not worth to share in a “travel blog”.

I must admit, I´ve mostly worked, but it´s not boring at all as I love my job. I´ve also worked out hard and enjoyed every moment of it. And I´ve met some awesome new people and had quality time with old ones. Lately I´ve been traveling again as well. Spent a week in Lisbon and toured around the Baltic’s. So all has been well, crazy, busy, scary at times, but very well.

I might pop by again soon, but in the meanwhile, you can check out my Instagram account that I keep active.