Tallinn Old Town Days

Every year in the beginning of June Tallinn is  celebrating old town days. It does not come as a surprise that old town is the heart of Tallinn and main tourist attraction. As a local I try to avoid spending too much time there in summer as the crowds are blocking  my way and making me nervous, but last weekend we made a nice walk through the old town. Old town days were just started, the center was not yet too full of  people and there were many things to see. Sometimes I wish I could see Tallinn as a tourists.

This is one of my favorite cafes in Tallinn. Perfect for Sunday mornings. It is not fancy at all so  if you are looking for interesting interior or candlelight atmosphere, this is not the right place. But all the cakes taste so good and it is ridiculously cheap. So I really recommend this place for a sweet treat. (It´ s in Nunne street, near Snelli park)