I can´t believe I haven´t been here for a year already, where does the time fly? It´s complicated to start over, but I felt I want to say hi again.

This past year has been a roller coaster, in the best possible meaning. I´ve grown a lot and had amazing time with great people. Unfortunately I haven´t been focused on traveling so much and that´s the main reason I haven´t been here as I felt that everything else is not worth to share in a “travel blog”.

I must admit, I´ve mostly worked, but it´s not boring at all as I love my job. I´ve also worked out hard and enjoyed every moment of it. And I´ve met some awesome new people and had quality time with old ones. Lately I´ve been traveling again as well. Spent a week in Lisbon and toured around the Baltic’s. So all has been well, crazy, busy, scary at times, but very well.

I might pop by again soon, but in the meanwhile, you can check out my Instagram account that I keep active.

Tallinn Old Town Days

Every year in the beginning of June Tallinn is  celebrating old town days. It does not come as a surprise that old town is the heart of Tallinn and main tourist attraction. As a local I try to avoid spending too much time there in summer as the crowds are blocking  my way and making me nervous, but last weekend we made a nice walk through the old town. Old town days were just started, the center was not yet too full of  people and there were many things to see. Sometimes I wish I could see Tallinn as a tourists.

This is one of my favorite cafes in Tallinn. Perfect for Sunday mornings. It is not fancy at all so  if you are looking for interesting interior or candlelight atmosphere, this is not the right place. But all the cakes taste so good and it is ridiculously cheap. So I really recommend this place for a sweet treat. (It´ s in Nunne street, near Snelli park)

Catching up

It´s been a long time since I wrote something here. Life has been a real roller coaster lately. I have extremely busy and yet lacking motivation. I have to admit that I don´t have any real travel plans and I don´t have an idea when I can hit the road again. It feels really strange, but I just have to deal with some “grown up things” for a while. I don´t know what´s gonna happen with this blog as I can´ t really share my trips. Any suggestions? On the brighter side I´m starting to see some light in the end of the tunnel already, just hoping it´s not a train. Just kidding, life is going to change for the better very soon.

Here are some brighter moments I´d like to share with you. Sorry for the poor quality.

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Battle of the Oranges in Ivrea

I love carnival season, it´s so much fun! This year me and boyfriend checked out Ivrea carnival of oranges. It is an old tradition where people throw each other with oranges. Peculiar as it sounds it is actually super fun. I don´t generally like playing with food, I don´t like wasting, so at first it sounded a bit strange to watch how people throw away tons of oranges, but the reality is that these oranges will never find a way to grocery store or food table, they would be thrown away anyway because of European regulations on exports, so why not make something fun out of them.

The locals are divided into nine combat teams who throw oranges at each other. They take it very serious and it is really like a real battle. It is not rare to see people with some bruises or eye injury (imagine orange juice in eye), but then again there isn´t really a reason to feel endangered, visitors can keep the distance while still feel like a part of the carnival. We of course wanted to throw some oranges as well and we managed but we also got hit with oranges.


Every year a Mugnaia is elected to represent a miller´s daughter that once refused to sleep with the duke, who had the “right” to spend a night with every newly wed woman. Brave girl cut his head off.

Rumors say that it is not cheap to become a Mugnaia and the honour to be one costs considerable amount of money. True or not, la mugnaia is an important part of the carnival. If you are lucky enough you can catch some candy or flowers that are thrown to the crowds.



It is not only violent food throwing, there is also a parade with pretty horses and traditional clothes.


We came out alive and very happy. It is definitely an event to take part in. Next year I would like to participate to another carnival. Maybe Venice?

Some tricks to survive Ivrea carnival of oranges:

1. It costs 8 euros and standing in a long queue to participate in carnival, so it is better to come early. You can try getting in through some side streets, but you did not hear that from me 😉

2. Wear a red hat. Unless you like to get hit. Red hat is a sign that you are just a visitor and people should not be violent with you.

3. It is not a place to wear your pretty clothes. Old and comfortable clothes and boots is a must. Believe me, it will get messy.

4. If you want to play, play it fair. Step inside of the battle field and take off your hat.

5. You should not throw oranges in distance, they hurt. Step closer when the carriages come, but then again not too close.

6. Choose a train instead of taking a car, that way you avoid problems with parking.

Hello spring! A weekend retreat

I have been really tired lately so a weekend get-away was gladly welcomed. My mother celebrated her birthday so we headed to my hometown Pärnu to celebrate with her and to charge some batteries. The weather was so much better than expected so we even went to the beach.


A cat therapy always makes me feel better. This little guy used to be so shy when he came to my mother´s, but has turned out to be a really awesome cat. And I think he knows himself too how great he is.


The main food when I visit my mother is all kind of sweets, cakes, candies. This wonderful dessert was on my mom´s birthday table. Party itself was very nice.


And now I feel that I could use some rest again. This weekend will be a lot busier, but at least the spring brings a bit more light and warmth.

Fun free things to do in New York

I am not gonna make it a secret that traveling can leave a hole in a wallet, so before heading to New York, I did my research how to do it budget friendly. I must admit that most “10 free things to do in New York” Youtube videos and travel guide lists did not have much effect on me at first. But when I actually was in the Big Apple, I found myself following the very same lists that felt boring at first. So if you would rather save some money, for shopping or a Broadway show or whatever else, here are some of my suggestions. Inspired from the very same lame youtube videos and lonely planet.

1. Needles to point that out, but good old Central Park should be on the top of the list. If you are anything like me, then you would be happy to find a green spot even when you are on a city vacation.


2. Continuing with green, the High Line is an enjoyable walk. I find it a brilliant idea to recycle an old railway to an urban park. And the park looks great even when there is not much green to find. We found some snow instead.


3. New York Public Library: Although there are not exactly piles of books everywhere to be seen, the library itself is like a small art museum. Definitely a pleasant get-away.


4. Grand Central Terminal: Imagine yourself being a main character in a movie, rushing to the train that takes you to your biggest adventure or you make a dramatic new beginning in your life. The station gives many options for day-dreaming.


5. Not exactly free, but for donations (and yes, it is actually acceptable to pay a lot less than recommended, don’t feel guilty if you pay a different amount), the Metropolitan Museum of Art is like a whole small world. It has something for everyone, so if you don’t like classical art so much (I’m also not the biggest fan), you can move straight to modern art or why not African art. To see everything that you would like you could easily spend the whole day there.


6. Good old Staten Island ferry. Because you can’t leave without seeing Lady Liberty, right? I must say that this lady isn’t such a big girl after all, but having a ride on a ferry is always fun.


7. The easiest thing to do: walk around. You can explore a lot by just walking. New York is a great place for long walks and it saves you some money on transportation, also some nerves as metros can be tough sometimes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA